Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Allegations of attempted forced abortion at NAF clinic

OR West blogged about allegations raised by a Colorado woman and her sister-in-law. Two women at Colorado Right to Life are verifying parts of the women's story. You can hear the entire radio show, in which the women tell their story, here.

The woman, Nicki, changed her mind about having an abortion after laminria had been insertec. The staff at National Abortion Federation member Mayfair Women's Center refused to let Nicki leave. They lied to her, told her that removing the laminaria would cause the baby to be deformed and to endanger her life. (Lies) When Nicki tried to leave, Kuseski (the guy who performed the abortion that left Christi Stile in a permanent vegetative state) physically restrained Nicki. The staff told Nicki and her sister-in-law that if Nicki tried to leave, they would call the police and tell them she was suicidal, and she would get put on a locked psychiatric ward for 72 hours. The staff kept insisting that having the laminaria removed was "suicidal", which is a bald-faced lie.

Douglas A. Karpen, the man who performed the fatal abortion on Denise Montoya, once lamented at a NAF seminar about women who change their minds about the abortion after the laminaria are inserted. The prolifers outside the clinic would talk to the women and would take them to obstetricians who would remove the laminaria and help them continue the pregnancies, and the women were wanting refunds. The solution proposed was to make them sign a statement prior to inserting the laminaria promising that they would under no circumstances have the laminaria removed, that they were promising to continue with the abortion even if they changed their minds. One of Karpen's patients gave birth to a premature baby who died six months later, after Karpen inserted laminaria and refused to remove it.

Ah, but it's the CPCs that are lying to women! It's the CPCs that are dangerous! It's the CPCs that do these things!

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