Monday, September 25, 2006

Call for specific examples

I've got a couple of folks at a Christian forum who had been totally unaware of CPCs and The Nurturing Network and such. They simply repeated the oft-told slander that prolifers don't do anything for pregnant women or for moms, fully believing it. Because, don't you know, all prochoicers say that so it must be true.

I provided links to Birthright, CPCs Online, TNN, and other major groups, including the Feminists for Life Campus Outreach.

I need to hammer them constantly with examples, big and small. They were astonished, for example, to learn of the way Ashli of The SICLE Cell had gotten prolife bloggers moving and quickly raised money to get a pregnant woman's mortgage out of arrears and prevent foreclosure. They were stunned, unaware that prolifers ever did that sort of thing. They'd been told we do nothing and were dutifully repeating it.

So, when you notice a particular case, let me know and I'll pass it on. I think it'll take about six months to a year of constant examples to break through the prejudice. Pass on the word that I need examples.

Oh -- and get this -- they blamed the prolifers for not getting the word out! As if somehow we're responsible for the prochoice attacks on CPCs, the ACLU's efforts to squash the "Choose Life" fund raising, the "escorts" who stand between the prolifers and the women, and the abortion clinic staff who tell patients that the "informed consent" pamphlets are lies intended to frighten and intimidate them! Oh, it's our fault that prochoicers slander us, censor us, and physically impede women who are trying to come to us for help.

These are basically decent people who've just been bamboozled. Let's do some un-bamboozling.

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