Friday, September 15, 2006

Whitney to stop killing in Daytona Beach

Abortions Stopped at Daytona Beach Clinic
A defiant abortionist, Randall Whitney, has stopped abortions at Family Planning Center in Daytona Beach, Florida, rather than comply with state regulations governing his abortion business.

Whitney's license had been suspended, and he was fined $2500 and prohibited from assisting at births outside a hospital. The medical board found Whitney guilty of 4 violations of state law, accused him of "gross and repeated malpractice" and "unprofessional conduct." Allegations included that he allowed employee "to buy a narcotic painkiller with presigned prescription forms" and botched three births at his childbirth clinic and botched a vasectomy. Two of the childbirth cases involved administering drug to induce labor, failure to get women to hospital in timely manner, resulting in C-sections and in one case a stillborn infant. (Daytona Beach Morning Journal 5-8-84, 6-14-84)

Whitney had also worked for Aware Woman, then set out to open a competing facility in Melbourne, but Patricia Baird-Windle leaked his plans to prolifers who alerted the landlord. The landlord hadn’t known Whitney was going to do abortions, and kicked him out for getting the lease under false pretenses.

My computer's power cord got damaged so I'm short on battery power and can't do any more research on this guy at the moment. He did, however, with this background, work for the National Abortion Federation member clinics owned by James Pendergraft.

This guy ought not to be practicing medicine at all, He even managed to kill a baby whose mother didn't want it dead. That alone ought to have the prochoice -- the truly prochoice, who think a woman has just as much right to choose a live baby as a dead fetus -- outraged.

I'm waiting....

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