Friday, September 29, 2006

Prolifers only care about fetuses, redux

Christianity Today Online is, as the Christianity would lead you to believe, prolife. It gives you, I think, a chance to see what the prolifers care about besides fetuses, because it's not a special-interest site the way the sites are that Tialoc criticizes. I have it bookmarked and check in daily to see what's new. I frequently post links to articles over at the Christian forum I frequent. Let's look at the current issue:

"They Know We Are Christians" looks at how the Christians in Lebanon are reaching out to their displaced countrymen.

Soaking in Blood - Again looks at the terrible toll of warfare in Sri Lanka.

A Hint of Peace addresses how churches are dealing with war there.

Asylum vs. Assistance holds that churches should offer asylum as a means of protecting people in danger, not as a means of making political statements.

CT's "Hot Topics" look at education, family, life ethics, money & business, persecution, politics & law, sexuality & gender, and social justice.

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