Thursday, May 28, 2009

Abortion supporters have reason to look askance at Sotomayor

Sotomayor Voted to OK Asylum for Spouses of Women in China Forced Abortions

Sotomayor has made some judicial calls that will give the folks at NARAL, NAF, and Planned Parenthood reason to shake in their shoes.

1. She upheld the Mexico City Policy, which blocked US funding of organizations that promote abortion in other countries.

2. She passed a ruling in favor of prolife protestors.

3. She backed political asylum for the spouses and unmarried partners of Chinese women facing forced sterilization or abortion.

That third one will particularly stick in the abortion advocacy craw because of what she wrote in her opinion on the case:

“The termination of a wanted pregnancy under a coercive population control program can only be devastating to any couple, akin, no doubt, to the killing of a child,” she wrote

"The harm is clearly directed at the couple who dared to continue an unauthorized pregnancy in hopes of enlarging the family unit," she added.

Sotmayor also noted “the unique biological nature of pregnancy and special reverence every civilization has accorded to child-rearing and parenthood in marriage.”

To the abortion lobby, them's fighting words.


John C. Hathaway said...

Wow! I've been increasingly optimistic about this nomination, and those words definitely show more reason to hope!

Tonal Bliss said...

I certainly dislike Sotamayor's racism and bigotry. I also dislike her comment that the judiciary create policy. However, if she can be any beacon of hope in overturning the horrendous decision of Roe v Wade then I will hold onto that optimism.

Thanks for bringing this perspective to light.

Suzanne said...

Do not be fooled. The Obama administration is going to pro-abort groups to reassure them that on privacy issues, Sotomayor is solid. I.E. she will respect Roe v. Wade. Even Barbara Boxer sounded confident.

Christina Dunigan said...

Killing your baby isn't a "privacy issue".

WKen said...

Pretty good assessment.

I suspect that it's too much to hope that she'd come down on our side when it really counts, but she's demonstrated that she isn't just a lapdog for NARAL.

That's probably about all we can hope for for the time being.

Unknown said...

Wickle is right.

Considering that this nominee is coming from a pro-abortion President and will be confirmed by a pro-abortion Senate, I'm excited to see anyone who is willing to contradict the Party of Death. As long as Sotomayor isn't a wholly-owned puppet of Big Abortion, then she's a lot better than I was expecting.

See, the key to happiness in the Obama Era is low expectations.... ;)