Monday, May 11, 2009

Excellent article, sure to send the kind and loving abortion fanatics into an apoplexy

Choosing not to abort babies with disabilities, in the Washington Times, looks at moms who choose life, however brief, for their babies diagnosed in-utero with disabilities.

I can just hear the grinding of teeth among hardcore abortion advocates. After all, if carrying to term is a blessing even for these worst-case-scenario moms, how much more of a blessing could it be to continue to birth under less dire circumstances?

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Kathy said...

You may want to read this story about a woman who had a baby with a severe birth defect (she didn't know it until birth). Considering that this woman seems to be quite liberal and I would assume to be "pro-choice", I am very glad that she put it up. Also, one of the first people to comment is a labor & delivery nurse who commented with a snippet of a story of her own -- a woman's baby was prenatally diagnosed with the same birth defect, and the doctors strongly urged her to abort. The baby was born with only a slight defect -- nowhere near what the diagnosis was.