Friday, May 01, 2009

Daily Kos: Support Statutory Rape in the name of Lila Rose

HT: Jivin J

Daily Kos is calling for all people who support statutory rape, and secret abortions to cover up, donate money to PP in Lila Rose's name.

Let me reiterate: When they learned that PP was deliberately breaking the law and covering up statutory rape, their response is to MAKE DONATIONS TO ENSURE THAT THESE PRACTICES CONTINUE.

Never let it be said that PP supporters are there to protect underage victims of statutory rape.

Oh -- and evidently only Daily Kos supporters (those who think statutory rape is something we need more of) are allowed to comment. They don't want to have their bubble burst. They want to keep themselves as much in the dark as PP keeps law enforcement, Child Protective Services, and parents of statutory rape victims.


WKen said...

Kos is astonishingly vile.

I commend your patience in even being able to read it. I tried, and couldn't make it more than a day or two.

Christina Dunigan said...

I can't read it either. I get hat tips from people who can either stomach it or who get hat tips from somebody else who can stomach it.

Tonal Bliss said...

Supporting statutory rape in the name of an ideology of "reproductive choice!" Hmm... the choice they're protecting is the choice of an adult to have sex with a minor... No bueno.

Christina Dunigan said...

But SM, you must understand the mindset of the PP proponent, which is that ALL sexual activity is good and must be fostered and encouraged. Reporting child sexual abuse cramps the styles of pedophiles, and as such can not be tolerated.