Sunday, May 31, 2009

Get your facts right, AP!

This AP article said, "Tiller's Women's Health Care Services clinic is one of just three in the nation where abortions are performed after the 21st week of pregnancy."

For crying out loud, do a little homework!

Just go to one freaking website, Abortion Clinics Online. I count 36.

Last time I looked, 36 was more than three.


Krystal said...

The AP suck, they just write stuff they think will produce readers.

army_wife said...

I am very troubled by this quote I read at the end of the Yahoo! news story regarding the Tiller murder:

"One of the few remaining late-term abortion clinics is in Boulder, Colo., where Dr. Warren Hern denounced Tiller's killing as the 'inevitable and predictable consequence of decades of anti-abortion' rhetoric and violence.

'Dr. Tiller's assassination is not the lone and inexplicable action of one deranged killer,' Hern said Sunday. 'This was a political assassination in a historic pattern of anti-abortion political violence. It was terrorism.'"

I guess one of their abortion-providing heroes is a wonderful, reliable source of information about the "history of anti-abortion violence". Or maybe he's just using their darling martyr for his own advantage just like the rest of the whole pro-choice crowd?

Amy said...

The last abortion murder in the US was 1998.

More than 11 years ago. And, I'm still looking into this, but I believe most of the killers (that I can remember) are middle-aged men, usually white.

Hardly representative of the pro-life movement.

But none of that matters.

Silent Rain Drops said...

Christina, you have the best commentary on this senseless killing that I have read - in the blogosphere and the mainstream media. You hit the nail on the head, as you always do.

I think Amy is generally correct in her profile of the violent element in our midst, with one notable exception: a woman attempted to kill Mr. Tiller years ago, shooting him in both arms. This is showing up in all the stories about the murder. I think it is important to note that she failed in her attempt. Men are generally more inclined to succeed when they employ violence against themselves or others.

I detest this crime. I lament the damage it will do to all of us, because violence begets violence. No one will be unscathed.

God bless you, Christina - you are faithful and true!

Christina Dunigan said...

Thanx, SRD.

The last poll showed that prolifers outnumbered prochoicers. If we were as violent as they claim we are, there'd not be a single abortionist left walking the sod. But they're drama queens. That's what draws them to abortion in the first place. Helping a woman to give birth and parent is day to day dedication to nothing particularly dramatic. But an abortion? How much more dramatic can you get? The tears, the blood, the anguish. They thrive on it.