Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Examples of late abortions

Lately a lot of news outlets have been asserting that Tiller's Wichita facility was one of only three places where you could get your unborn baby killed after 21 weeks. And most also implied, if not said outright, that these abortions are only done for compelling health reasons, or because the baby has some condition "incompatible with life".

Well, I'm gonna go through my cases -- most of which were also fatal to the mother -- for cases after 21 weeks.

22 weeks
  • Dawn Mendoza, elective abortion, died of embolism.
  • Latachie Veal, elective abortion, bled to death
  • "Anita", elective abortion, bled to death
  • Germaine Newman, elective abortion, septic abortion death
  • Mary Pena, elective abortion, bled to death
  • "Thelma", seriously injured in elective abortion
  • "Erica", elective abortion, died of embolism
  • "Brandy", nearly died from elective abortion

    23 weeks
  • Lou Anne Herron, bled to death from elective abortion
  • Mother of "Phoenix Doe", ended up giving birth to new-term infant during supposed 23-week elective abortion
  • Christella Forte, died of complications of elective abortion
  • Christina Goesswein, died from elective abortion
  • "Brittany", retained fetal skull from elective abortion
  • Lynn McNair, died from embolism, elective abortion
  • Allegra Roseberry, died from abortion allegedly necessary to get into cancer program

    24 weeks
  • "Pamela", died from abortion for pre-eclampsia
  • "Anne", injured in elective abortion

    25 weeks
  • Denise Montoya, died from elective abortion

    26 weeks
  • "Millie", injured in elective abortion
  • "Nicholette", changed mind partway through elective abortion, gave birth to baby that died of prematurity

    28 weeks
  • "Shanda", injured in elective abortion
  • Mary, elective abortion, baby born alive then strangled

    30 weeks
  • Magdalena Rodriguez, bled to death, elective abortion

    35 weeks
  • "Beverly", died from abortion because baby had anencephaly

    Kathy said...

    Yeah, there's some seriously sloppy reporting -- confusing "late" abortion, which I think means those in the second *half* of pregnancy, or greater than 20 weeks, since that's how the Abortion Surveillance report delineates it (they have abortion information by week up until 21 weeks and beyond, when they're all grouped together) confusing them with third-trimester abortions, which by definition take place at 26-27 weeks or above. Of course, since viability is about 24 weeks -- depending on your definition, but in the US babies born at this gestational age have a 50/50 shot of living -- that further tends to confuse the masses and the media, since it's one more number.

    This article from Australia mentioned a report from public health records, and showed that 5x as many late abortions were done for psycho-social reasons than were done for fetal abnormality. There was no mention of abortions done to save the life or health of the mother. That's because women who are pregnant with a wanted baby, who end up having pregnancy complications and truly need their pregnancy to be ended too soon will not kill their babies as the first step in ending a pregnancy, but will just have an induction or C-section, to save the baby *and* themselves.

    David said...

    We have heard twice now that late term abortions are being done in the IWK, which is the Children's Hospital, a place that is synonmous with caring for children, especially children with special needs. Now it will be synonmous with a place to kill those who are too much trouble.


    Anonymous said...

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