Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson 911 call makes doc look questionable

Transcript of the call

Here's what leaps out at me: The doctor was attempting CPR on the bed; the medic had to tell the caller that the patient belonged on the floor.

Anybody who has had professional grade CPR training is taught that the patient needs to be on a firm surface. If a patient needs CPR, he will usually be put on a spine board before being put on the gurney in order to give a firm surface to perform CPR.

There are other aspects of the situation I find very fishy. Jermaine Jackson said that the doctor worked on Michael for about fifteen minutes before having somebody call 911. But somebody who has been trained will call 911 first, if a phone is at all available, because CPR only helps the patient hold on until he can be defibrillated.

Also, he said that medics worked on Michael for about 45 minutes prior to transport. Again, that's weird. With a cardiac arrest -- or even suspected heart attack -- you load and go. You don't dick around for three quarters of an hour.

I have serious suspicions that the doctor in question is the key to why Jackson is dead.


Silent Rain Drops said...

My thoughts, too, Christina - at least until my hubby told me to hush up so he could hear the TV. I saw an interview with the doc's attorney last night, and he really didn't have a good reason for not having called 911 immediately. The lawyer kept saying his client is a cardiologist and felt capable. But a cardiologist knows he needs an EKG monitor, a defibrillator, access to medicines, an operating room and/or cath lab, etc. - a cardiologist would know better than any other doctor just how much support is needed when a patient stops breathing.

Yes, it's shady, and it's a sad reflection on the medical community.

Christina Dunigan said...

Well, Michael Jackson's face was proof enough that his money could buy quacks who would feed his mental illness.