Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson Moonwalk Tribute

Rest in peace.


Krystal said...

I liked MJ back when he was still black, not plastic and wasn't accused of molesting children.

Christina Dunigan said...

Yeah, he turned from a handsome, personable white man into a freaky, creepy white woman. But he must have been seriously messed up inside. Which is sad.

When you look at all the gifts God gave him, and how he ended up -- well, there are the fruits of The Fall, glaring for all the world to see. I truly feel a lot of pity for him.

bmmg39 said...

Prescription drugs can harm you, folks.

Lilliput said...


Michael's Tyrant father took away his childhood and coupled with the pressure of unprecedented worldwide fame on one so young - its not unbelivable that he would not end up an emotionally healthy human being. I struggle to see what fruits have anything to do with this at all?

Kathy said...


Some time ago, I brought up Paris Hilton, saying I felt sorry for her; you were shocked by that, saying that you didn't feel sorry for her since she could afford anything, including the best psychiatric and medical care in the world. Michael Jackson's end is just the sort of example of why I feel sorry for her and others like them, and why I consider their lives to be so empty. Michael Jackson surely could afford excellent psychiatrists, but he still died a lonely, wretched person. I agree that his fame and childhood played huge roles in how his life turned out, for the negative. But psychiatry does not help near so much as you would wish to believe it does, and this is a good example of that.

And that's why I feel sorry for Paris Hilton.

Lilliput said...

I can't remember what the Paris Hilton conversation was about but if you feel sorry for her why can't you feel sorry for Michael? All I am saying is that they are ill - not evil. No amount of psychiatry can ever bring back a lost childhood or no sense of self - but the point of psychiatry is exactly that - to understand and treat the illness and not exorsize the evil - which is what mental illness was thought to be prior to the enlightenment.

You frighten me when you talk about falling fruits - I don't want to go back to the dark ages.

Kathy said...

I didn't say I don't feel sorry for Michael Jackson. However, I heartily disagree with Sigmund Freud's theories that he pulled out of thin air.

Treating illness is one thing; but recognizing evil as evil is another. Something can be a sickness and also evil. As an example, Michael Jackson was accused (but acquitted) of molesting young boys. But let's say he did molest them. That's evil. It doesn't matter what was the cause of his actions -- the actions were evil. I'd call them "sick" as well as "twisted," in addition to "evil." Not necessarily the result of a "mental illness"; although I don't necessarily say that there is no such thing as mental illness.

I'd recommend that you read a book with a different perspective on counseling, which also calls attention to psychology's twisted roots, called "Competent to Counsel" by Jay Adams.