Thursday, June 04, 2009

Is there an excuse for such behavior?

Vandalism. Harassment. Firebombing. Why is this happening more and more?

"A lot of activists are frustrated. They've exhausted the legal means, and they've decided to take it to the next level," said [John Doe], a press officer with [Activist Group X], which acts as a mouthpiece for the [X] movement but claims no direct affiliation with the [activists] themselves.

"As with any social justice movement, when met with resistance from the state, violence becomes inevitable. There is nothing unique about this movement."

  • What activists are being excused for "taking it to the next level" due to frustration?
    Antiabortion activists
    Animal rights activists

    So? Click here to learn more. And ask yourself if both of the groups I've mentioned in the quiz are getting the same kind of coverage in the press when somebody espousing their views commits a crime.

    Tlaloc said...

    Looking at the article:

    "Over the past 18 months, there have been at least 39 criminal actions undertaken in the name of animal rights, according to data compiled by the Foundation for Biomedical Research, an advocacy group for researchers. That represents a significant rise from 2006 and 2007, when there were only 25 incidents."

    39 in 18 months, that's what 26 a year? That might be an increase but the reason you don;t hear much in comparison is because it is dwarfed by the anti-abortion crime.

    If we just average out the total crimes commited since 1977 to get an average per year (and ignoring the big rare crimes like murder) we still find that prolifers cause the following chaos:

    bombings- 1 a year
    arsons- 5 a year
    attempted arson or bombing- 3 a year
    bomb threats- 19 a year
    tresspassing- 50 a year
    vandalism- 40 a year
    stink bombs- 3 a year
    death threats- 12 a year
    assault/battery- 5 a year

    or if you want to avoid the averaging we can look at 2003 data from here and find that in that one year there were 3 bombings/arsons and 140 Invasion, Assault & Battery, Vandalism, Trespassing, Death Threats, Burglary, Stalking type crimes. Another 331 Hate Mail, Harassing Phone Calls, Bomb Threats type crimes.

    So, yeah. a big jump up to 26 total ALF crimes a year doesn't come anywhere close.

    Lilliput said...

    Both are maniacs and unstable groups of people. Neither will win using these tactics.

    Have you seen this:

    One of the comments alludes to how difficult it isto get an abortion - but besides that would love to knwo what you think of this situation.