Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1980: Trash bag aftercare kills woman

On August 23, 1980, 26-year-old Betty Damato went to Dr. James Franklin in Denver, Colorado, for a safe, legal abortion. According to Betty's family, Franklin did not remove all of the fetus. He instead gave Betty a trash bag, and instructions to collect whatever she expelled in the bag and bring it to him.

Two days later, Betty was dead from infection.

Franklin told a grand jury that he did not perform the fatal abortion. He claimed that he had examined Betty, found a dead fetus, and sent her to the hospital. A jury convicted him of manslaughter in Betty's death on October 19, 1981, and he was sentenced to prison for three years.

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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army_wife said...

I have an update about the "friend-of-a-friend" prayer request I gave you all recently.

The bad news is that the lady did go in for the abortion. The GOOD news is that they refused to do an abortion on her because of some medical problems she has (I guess that particular clinic actually decided to LEARN from past mistakes in the industry). I'm so very glad that her baby was spared. Please continue to pray for this woman and her boyfriend as she decides whether to place the baby for adoption or raise it herself.

One interesting note is that my friend mentioned a DIFFERENT friend to me today who is struggling with infertility. My friend was asking if I knew anything about artificial insemination, etc. I told her what I knew about fertility treatments and also asked if her friends had ever considered adoption. She said that the woman still felt strongly about wanting to experience pregnancy and giving birth. I told her I was just thinking how good it would be if they might consider adopting her pregnant friend's baby. That would have been a possible solution for the child, perhaps we could pray about it. I don't know what God has in mind for the child in that way.

Thanks again for all the prayers, I'm certain they made all the difference in the world for this mother and child. I'm glad God intervened on this child's behalf.

Christina Dunigan said...

Keep us posted!