Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Only the government would buy things with OUR money with the intent of trashing them

"Under the program, the government is advising car dealers to replace a trade-in's engine oil with a lethal sodium silicate solution and run the engine to ruin it before giving to selling the car to a scrap dealer."

Does Cash for Clunkers Help the Environment? It's Debatable

Again, these are functional cars. The owner has to demonstrate that the car is functional enough to have been worth insuring for at least the past year.

People are UNEMPLOYED and on welfare because they lack transportation. Transportation that could be provided by cars the government is buying WITH OUR MONEY -- these cars belong to US -- and ordering destroyed. Functional cars that would mean the difference between welfare and independence to a poor family.

What's it doing to the economy to be keeping people on the dole who could be out earning wages? What's the impact going to be on auto salvage businesses?

We know one thing for sure: The people who came up with "Cash for Clunkers" don't give a happy shit about poor people, or people in the unglamorous business of auto salvage. Unless you're a member of the UAW or some other powerful, big-money donating group, you can just rot and die for all they care.


army_wife said...

" can just rot and die for all they care."

Yep, and with this new handy-dandy government-run health care scam, they'll make SURE you do! And rip off whatever money they can in the process to pay for it!

I feel like we're all being mugged by Uncle Sam. It's like adding insult to injury knowing that the funds they rip us off for will go to fund such mob-like activities as knocking off babies, the terminally ill, the elderly, and anyone else the government deems a "drain on society".

So, are we going to start seeing Uncle Sam posters which depict the traditional Uncle Sam figure wielding a lead pipe now? It would be appropriate if this health care disaster gets passed.

Christina Dunigan said...

This is how they treat cars that they don't value. How will they treat people they don't value?

Grandma, or that disabled neighbor, or that baby with Down syndrome -- they're "clunkers". Fill their IV bags with antifreeze and "decommission" them. That's gonna be part and parcel of Obamacare.

They'll not be blatant about it. They'll be sneaky and underhanded the way Hillarycare was. But it's still gonna be death for the elderly, the sick, and the disabled. The "useless eaters", as they're seen by the Intelligencia.