Monday, August 31, 2009

What real astroturfing looks like

Government-issued Health Care Bill propaganda: The presidency devolves into a neverending campaign

In a nutshell, those of us who oppose the Obamacare drive are not only going to pay for it with our tax dollars, we're apparently already paying for the drive to ram it down our throats.

Every John or Jane Q Public who is taking time off work, and paying $3 for a piece of poster board and a set of magic markers to make a sign expressing his or her true sentiments, is also paying for the bussed-in professional protesters and their mass-produced signs shouting down the real sentiments.

And then we're accused of astroturfing.

“How come,” I asked Andy, “whenever someone upsets the Left, you see immediate marches and parades and rallies with signs already printed and rhyming slogans already composed, whereas whenever someone upsets the Right, you see two members of the Young Americans for Freedom waving a six-inch American Flag?”

“We have jobs.” said Andy.

-P. J. O’Rourke

I might add, in the wake of the Craigslist recruiting, that for the Lefties, protesting often IS their job.

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