Saturday, August 22, 2009

Air America Radio: Obama cutting secret deals with drug companies

Watch and listen. It looks at what Obama said, and compares that to what he's been doing.

I'm not floored that this is happening. I'm floored that it's Air America Radio that's bringing it to light. And host Christiane Brown called The One "a charming liar".

Here's some of what Political Byline had to say:

They do have a point, he did make all of those promises, and now they have turned on them. ....


.... What is really shocking is this; the very people that worked to elect Barack Obama are the very ones that are now turning on him; The Far Left! This video is a perfect example of that fact. Not to mention the many self-proclaimed “Independent’s” that voted for him as well. They are in full out retreat mode away from this President. ....

President Barack Obama during the 2008 election made some of the most outlandish statements that I have ever heard during an election. Of the good majority of them; anyone that is dealing with half of a deck, (So to speak) knew that The President had no intention of fulfilling these promises. I would literally laugh aloud at times, when this President would say the stuff that He did. The real troubling part is; people actually lapped it up like dogs. Especially those on the far left, they were convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this person was the second coming of the liberal Messiah. It seems now, that the Far Left has awoken to the fact that Obama is not the “Hope and Change” prophet, that he said he was during the Campaign and before he took office.


.... I also believe that if this Administration and this Congress attempts to ram though this Healthcare bill; that there will a massive revolt among moderate Democrats and Independents and the election cycle of 2010 will be a day of reckoning. On the other side of the coin, if they drop the public option or the bill dies entirely there could be a collapse of the entire base of the Democratic Party. Either way this will be nothing but good for the Republican Party, provided that they run some true Conservatives and not a bunch of indecisive idiots that want to play paddy cake with the other side.

Either way, this coming political season in September is going to be quite interesting.


army_wife said...

Hey everyone, I have a prayer request for those of you who are Christians. My friend just called me (she lives in the Midwest - I just moved away from that area recently due to my husband's military orders). A friend of hers is pregnant and the baby's father wants her to abort. I gave my friend what information I could about the realities of abortion, along with some info about crisis pregnancy centers in her friend's city.

Please join me in prayer for this mother. I wish I were there to help, but since I live halfway across the country my help will have to be limited to whatever I can send through the mail for my friend to give her.

I just will be praying that she makes the right choice, and that she would know that abortion is NOT her only option, and that there are folks that care and want to help. I'll also be praying that through her circumstances she might also draw near to God and experience His love, support, and grace in her life.

And that she tells her boyfriend to hit the road. She doesn't need his influence around if all he wants to do is take the sexual benefits he can get and dump his part of the responsibility for the consequences.

Kathy said...

What a scumbag! I'll pray for her.

Christina Dunigan said...


Anonymous said...

The government already controls Health Care in the Country. The Federal Government effectively mandates that Corporations and private businesses insure everyone at the same rate regardless of their age or pre-existing conditions in order to receive tax breaks for providing insurance. If the government did not provide tax breaks to business that comply with those rules, many more people would have to obtain insurance in the open market with the result that those with pre-existing conditions and those who are older would pay much more than those who are young and healthy. The insurance premiums of an 85 year old man who, in the past, has had surgery for a ruptured brain aneurysm and heart conditions, would be astronomical.

In 31 states, the government provides insurance to those unable to obtain insurance on the private market. Even though such policies are very expensive, the government places a cap on the maximum rate that people have to pay to ensure that more people can afford it. This is clear government interference in the workings of the marketplace.

The Federal Government provides insurance to 100% of the people over 65. When Lyndon Johnson signed medicare into law, 40% of those over 65 did not have health insurance even though, unlike those who are very young, the vast majority of them most assuredly needed it. This also significant increased the demand for and cost of health insurance.

If the government did not control health insurance they way they do, premiums for those who are young and healthy would be much lower. Health care costs would also be much lower because many of the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions would not be able to afford health insurance resulting in a lower demand for health care. More of the sick and old would die sooner also reducing the demand for health care.

army_wife said...

Are you saying you'd rather the elderly and infirm die sooner just so that the young and fit can have cheaper health insurance? I certainly hope that isn't your preference.

I wouldn't want an old or ill person to die just so I could save a few greenbacks on health insurance. That's terrible. And someday, I'll BE that old person. I wouldn't want to die in despair knowing that although there are treatments that could give me many more years, not being able to afford healthcare or insurance premiums mean I must die, probably an agonizing death from an untreated condition.

I don't support unnecessary gov't interference in our healthcare, but I don't want to see needless suffering either. I support helping those in need (I think charities & churches should step up to the plate more, not gov't), I just do not like the way the government wants to go about it.