Thursday, April 29, 2010

The abortion survivor: Who did wrong? UPDATED

Baby boy survives for nearly two days after abortion

A woman in Italy decided that since her baby had a cleft palate, he needed to be aborted.

But oops. He survived the abortion.

He was wrapped in a sheet and stuck in a utility room.

Roughly 20 hours later, enter the hospital chaplain, who got wind of the aborted (but supposedly dead) baby and went to pray over the child's body. When he discovered that the baby wasn't as dead as he was supposed to be, he got immediate help for the little boy, who was transported to the NICU of another hospital, where he subsequently died.

Now there is an outcry and an investigation, and possible homicide charges.

Who did wrong here?

The mother, for failing to love her baby unconditionally?

The abortion doctor, for sticking a live baby in a closet to die?

The chaplain, and everybody else who got involved after he raised the alarm, for tramping on the mother's reproductive rights? Were their actions "simply to burden the original decision of the woman and the physician to induce labor and perform an abortion"?

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    Katie said...

    I can't believe they actually expect the same doctors who tried to murder the baby to try and save him after they "botch" the abortion. Really?

    I don't know why pro-aborts feign horror over this stuff. The mother got what she wanted, a dead baby.

    Lauren said...

    Katie, they're just horrified that the mother had to wait two days to get a dead baby. We all know that a woman has the right to an instantly dead "product of conception" immediately following an abortion. Forget the whole bodily domain thing...all that really matters is a dead baby.

    OperationCounterstrike said...

    Here's what we should do with babies born alive by accident during abortions:

    First, take all medical measures necessary to keep the baby alive as long as possible, without regard to cost.

    Then, send a bill for these medical services, with a generous markup, to a right-to-life organization, along with a true warning that if the bill is not paid promptly and in full, then we will feed the NEXT born-alive baby to a snake.

    And carry out the threat.

    Lauren said...

    You're a despicable excuse for a human being, OR.

    Oh, and I know you think you're being oh so clever, but pro-lifers would gladly pay the costs to keep such children alive.

    Ladybug said...

    OC, or how about biling the abortion provider and pro-choice organizations for failing to complete the abortion and failing to give the woman what she wanted: an aborted pregnancy and dead fetus.

    Ladybug said...

    I'm being sarcastic, by the way. Lauren, it's best to ignore and not respond to OC when he's being nasty.

    OperationCounterstrike said...

    More to the point, this never happens anymore in USA. In USA today, if the pregnancy is far enough along that there is even a remote possibility of a born-alive, then we begin by stopping the fetus' heart with an ultrasound-guided intracardiac salt injection. We carefully document the cessation of the heartbeat before starting to take anything out of the patient. So, born-alives are virtually impossible.

    subjective idiot said...

    @OCS... not so. generaly perhaps, but i can personally attest to the fact that this is not ALWAYS the case.