Monday, April 19, 2010

A Rose for Christi

A Rose for Christi:

Little girls dream of finding true love, marrying and living happily ever after.

Christi Hockel was no exception.

The youngest of six, she watched her older siblings find mates. She caught bouquets at their weddings and yearned for the day when she would have her own magnificent ceremony.

"I kept saying, 'Boy, I wish I had a husband who loves me,' " said Christi, 31.

Her family and friends were not so sure her dreams would come true because Christi has Down syndrome, a condition that delays mental and physical development. Christi's mother, a devout Catholic, prayed to St. Thérèse of Liseux to find out if her daughter's romantic longings would be fulfilled.

"I opened my eyes and there on the floor was a single wrapped rose," Judie Hockel said.

Christi's mother saved the tiny fabric flower, believing it to be an answer to her prayer.

Christi carried that rose down the aisle in her bridal bouquet.

HT: Reflections of a Paralytic

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