Sunday, April 18, 2010

Searches: Abortion history and more

  • Abortion in 1927, the 1930s, and the 1950s

  • Teen abortion stories

  • Abortion at 6 weeks, 18 weeks, 20 weeks, 23 weeks, and in the third trimester

  • Abortion videos

  • Collateral damage

  • Abortions gone wrong

  • Abortionist Andre Nehorayoff

  • Susan Hamilton murder

  • Maternal mortality

  • Down syndrome abortions and adoptions

  • Hydatidiform mole (when the POC really is just tissue)

  • Failed abortion (baby survives -- See example here; also Ana Rosa Rodriguez, subject of another search)

  • Lysol ads for douching

  • Hyperemesis abortion

  • Back alley abortions

  • Abortions used as birth control?

    and finally

  • How many women die from abortions? We don't know. Except to say that however many it is, it's too many, if you ask me. (I don't take the "Well, you're bound to lose a few here and there! It's all in a good cause!" attitude many prochoicers seem to take.) For stories on abortion deaths, see the Cemetery of Choice. For more on the impact of changes in abortion law, see The unmistakable, undeniable, clear impact of legalized abortion on maternal mortality. You can also check out my December, 2008, summary of my abortion mortality research.
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