Saturday, April 10, 2010

Report from the Eliot Institute on coerced and forced abortion

Download the PDF here.

I'll add more examples:

  • Allegra Roseberry died from complications of an unwanted abortion. Multiple doctors lied to her in order to convince her to consent.

  • Suzanne was subjected to an unwanted abortion when she was too drugged by doctors to resist.

  • "Dolores" sued George Tiller for going along with her boyfriend's plan to lie to her and trick her into an unwanted abortion.

  • Marla Cardamone was browbeaten into a fatal unwanted abortion by a hospital social worker.

  • "Shari" submitted to an unwanted abortion after her doctor lied to her, telling her she would die and leave her daughter motherless if she didn't consent.

  • A diabetic mother, on her way to an unwanted abortion health professionals had lied to get her to schedule, was spared the abortion by prolifers outside the clinic.

  • This young woman was rescued at the last minute from an unwanted abortion at George Tiller's mill; doctors had convinced her that her baby had multiple health problems and that abortion was the only answer.

  • Dr. Deepti Gupta was murdered by her business partner for refusing to abort the baby conceived during their affair.

  • Laura was spared an unwanted and unsought abortion when she refused what her doctor told her was just treatment for a miscarriage.

  • Jamie was simply scheduled for an abortion while still stunned by a tragic prenatal diagnosis; fortunately the abortion attempt failed and she was able to carry her baby to a live birth. (Read other stories here of women facing browbeating or lies after an unfavorable prenatal diagnosis.)

  • Ashli submitted to an unwanted abortion because doctors never told her about available treatments for her condition. Read more details on Ashli's fruitless quest for real help here.

    So much for "Don't like abortions? Don't have one!" Which is one of the most deplorable lies of the "prochoice" movement.

    Kathy said...

    One of the cited reports (footnote #1) in this pdf is for this paper, which is titled "Induced abortion and traumatic stress." You can download a personal use copy for free, which is really nice to have -- sad stats about the rates of pre- and post-abortion counseling, among many other things. You can see the abstract from the NIH, if you want to give people a link that is a source supposedly "neutral" on abortion (since, as you know, so many people dismiss anything pro-life as being biased and not trustworthy).

    Kathy said...

    Oh, and TN has just passed a law requiring abortion facilities to post in a prominent location that it is against the law for people to coerce women into having an abortion, which notifies women of their right to seek help from authorities if they feel coerced. Coercion has been against the law, but many women probably don't know about it, and don't realize they can call the cops if their boyfriends are threatening them in some way if they don't get an abortion.

    OperationCounterstrike said...

    We also need laws to protect women whose boyfriends or husbands threaten to harm them for GETTING an abortion.

    Kathy said...

    You mean laws against assault and battery, and restraining orders? Already there, just like for coercion for abortion; just a lot of women seem not to know it.

    OperationCounterstrike said...

    We need a law requiring all providers of pre-natal care to post signs saying NO ONE CAN PREVENT YOU FROM GETTING AN ABORTION IF YOU WANT ONE.