Saturday, September 18, 2010

Find a Grave Memorial - Catherine Barnard et al

I've been searching Find A Grave for memorials to of the women in the Cemetery of Choice.

My search found me more information about Catherine Barnard.

On April 6, 1969, 35-year-old Catherine, of Arvada, Colorado, died of a botched criminal abortion. Dr. Virgil Jobe, who was later also charged with performing an abortion on a 17-year-old Oklahoma girl, was convicted in Catherine's death. He was sentenced to five years in prison for the Oklahoma girl's abortion. I have been unable to determine the outcome of any trial over Catherine's death.

Find a Grave tells me that Catherine's middle name was Laureen. Her funeral was in the Chapel of the Flowers at Capitol Mortuary.

Catherine left behind children Pamela Jewel, Holly, and Faith.

Her parents were Mr. and Mrs. Ernest C. Wilson of Arvada. Her grandparents were Mr. and Mrs. L. I. Zimmerman of Independence, Kansas.

Catherine evidently was a Mormon. And there's no mention of her husband in her obituary. Perhaps she was a widow, and this is why she sought an abortion.

UPDATE: I also found a memorial for Mabel Brock, who died in 1907, as well as for Dorothy Brown, who died in 1974, and for Vivian Campbell, who died in 1950.

Additional: Teresa Causey, Twila Coulter, Barbara Covington, Clara Duvall, Maureen Espinoza, Ruth Friedl, Maggie Gibbons (age 19, I now learn), Christin Gilbert, Christina Goesswein, Gaylene Golden, Sarah Grosvenor, Ruth Hall, Sharon Hamptlon, Rhonda Hess, Rosie Jimenez, Viola Koepping, Minnie Lathan, Nancy Lee, Michelle Madden, Georgia McGill, Kendra McLeod, Yvonne Mesteth, Marian Mills, Beverly Moore, Loretta Morton, Lydia Nelson, Sara Niebel, Holly Patterson, Mary Pena, Vanessa Preston, Virginia Rappe, Jacqueline Reynolds, Lennis Mae Roach, Geraldine Santoro, Florence Schnoor, Pearl Schwier, and Pauline Shirley.

I learned that Sheryl Cottone had married Donald Cottone on September 10, 1976, and was the daughter of James W. Pershing & Opal (Simpson) Scott.

I learned that Emily Nohavec was the daughter of Fred and Mary (nee Karl).

I learned that Mrs. George Robinson was Annie Robinson.

I learned that Ellen Shirah was born around 1876 in Ireland. She immigrated to the United States about 1898, and worked as a maid from about 1903 to her marriage to Jacob Shirah in 1907. She had two children, Evelyn and Joseph. She lingered in the hospital for about 2 weeks before her death.

I have a possible match for Alice Kimberly, Mary Kirkpatrick, Dorothy Martin, Margaret Smith, Teresa Smith, Mary Stone, Mary Sudik, and Esther Wahlstrom.

I'd learned about Elise Stone on Find a Grave to begin with, but will ask for a photo of her grave marker.

I also found another abortion death that I'll have to write up: Susannah Lattin.

M.A.M. Faulkner is Mary Ann Faulkner; I found this at the memorial of her abortionist.

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