Thursday, September 30, 2010

NARAL's lies open the door for truth

Women Who Once Considered Abortion Tell How Pregnancy Resource Centers Helped Them:

On a recent summer afternoon Danica Fountain was spending time with her eight-year-old daughter, but the pair was not relaxing at home or shopping at a nearby mall. Fountain and Aaliyah Sanchez were on Capitol Hill lobbying members of Congress about the work done by pregnancy resource centers across the nation.

The visit came in the wake of the release of a report by NARAL Pro-Choice America’s California affiliate that accuses pregnancy resource centers of convincing women not to have an abortion by apparently using inaccurate medical information and untrained volunteers who use intimidation techniques.

Prolife pregnancy centers combine two of the things abortionists hate most -- prolifers and competition. Let me restate that. Prolife pregnancy centers combine the THREE things abortionists hate most -- prolifers, competition, and truth.

Melinda Delahoyde, executive director of Care Net, which oversees a network of more than 1,000 pregnancy resource centers around the United States, said that NARAL’s attempts to discredit the work that centers do through these kind of reports, and also in court cases it has brought against centers, actually can work in their favor when people hear the stories of women like Fountain and Payne.

“When we go in front of state legislators and tell what we do, it’s not working to [NARAL’s] good,” Delahoyde said. “It works for our good because they hear from women themselves.

“We have a chance to educate the media, community leaders, public health officials – everyone who is there in that room,” Delahoyde said. “Here are the stories from women, here is what actually happens – what do pregnancy centers do and how we’re connected in our local communities.

All of which, of course, ignores the question, Who should we investigate?

Why are these self-proclaimed guardians of women at NARAL calling for a nationwide investigation of abortion clinics to weed out all the guys like Steve Brigham, who's going to kill a woman or two at the rate he's going, and Kermit Gosnell, who has already killed two women? Why not an investigation asking, "How common are seedy, dangerous abortion mills? Do they need more oversight?

A lot of these places are unregulated doctor's offices that deliberately give the false impression that they're regulated clinics. But that little piece of deception isn't enough to raise the ire of NARAL. But citing studies they disagree with -- peer-reviewed studies that they disagree with -- is a "deception" worthy of Congressional hearings.

Where are their priorities?

Women's lives, women's health, and even women's choices seem to be pretty low on the list.

But God's using what they intend for evil -- to leave women alone, ill-informed, and demoralized -- for good.

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