Thursday, September 23, 2010

More trouble for abortionist Brigham

Abortion entrepreneur Steven Chase Brigham was already in a heap of trouble when an 18-year-old abortion patient he caravaned from New Jersey to Maryland was nearly disemboweled by one of his contract abortionists, then hauled to the hospital in a rented Malibu.

He's in trouble in New Jersey over his treatment of two more patients.

The first, a 35-year-old Canadian woman, had sought out Brigham's services in ending the life of her 33-week unborn baby because the child had been diagnosed with Down syndrome. As was his MO, Brigham inserted started the abortion on August 3 in New Jersey -- where he's not licensed to kill babies that old -- then the following day had the mother drive herself to Maryland where either he or one of his contract workers finished the job.

The second, whose age isn't given, was 24 weeks pregnant. On August 13, Brigham injected drugs to kill her unborn baby, inserted laminaria to dilate her cervix, then sent her to spend the night in a nearby motel. There, she went into labor and delivered her dead baby.

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