Thursday, May 23, 2013

One of Many, Scant Information, and an Infamous Perp

Documents indicate that Josefina Garcia, age 37, mother of 2, died after abortion at a Family Planning Associates Medical Group (FPA) facility.Josefina's survivors filed suit against FPA owner Edward Campbell Allred, and 5 other doctors, including Kenneth Wright, the doctor that FPA's website bizarrely credits with "pioneering" the saline abortion method that was actually developed in Romania when Wright himself was still in the womb.Josefina's family said that staff failed to determine that she actually had an ectopic pregnancy before proceeding with a routine safe and legal abortion procedure by D&C on May 23, 1985.After her abortion, Josefina was left unattended in a recovery room, where she hemorrhaged. She died the day of her abortion.Though in theory women who choose abortion should be less likely to die from ectopic pregnancy than women who intend to carry to term, they are actually more likely to die because sloppy practices lead them to believe that they had normal uterine pregnancies that were terminated. Thus, they ignore symptoms that would ordinarily lead them to seek prompt, life-saving medical care. The Family Planning Associates chain of abortion facilities is also responsible for the deaths of over a dozen women other that I know of, including Denise Holmes,Patricia ChaconMary PenaJoyce Ortenzio, Tami Suematsu, Deanna Bell, Susan Levy, Christina Mora, Ta Tanisha Wesson, Nakia JordenMaria LehoMaria Rodriguez, and Chanelle Bryant.

Life Dynamics lists 29-year-old divorcee Rhonda Ruggiero on their "Blackmun Wall of safe and legal abortions. According to the information LDI put together, and from genealogical research, Rhonda underwent an abortion in May of 1982. She suddenly died in her home of an abortion-related pulmonary embolism on May 23. No autopsy was performed.

On May 10, 1929, 24-year-old homemaker Elizabeth Palumbo submitted to an abortion, evidently performed by Dr. Amante Rongetti (pictured). She was taken to West End Hospital afterward, and she died there on May 23. Elizabeth's husband, Joseph, spoke to police about the happenings surrounding his wife's death. He said that about a week prior to her death, Rongetti had diagnosed her with acute appendicitis and urged an immediate operation. Joseph said that when Rongetti was told that Elizabeth was pregnant, he'd said, "well, I'll have to take care of that, too." Rongetti was held by the coroner on June 12. On June 20, he was acquitted. I was amazed to see Rongetti tied up in this case, because only the previous year he had been sentenced to die in the electric chair for the abortion death of Loretta Enders. Rongetti's attorney clearly had been successful in his bid for a new trial, saving his client's life but costing Elizabeth hers..

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