Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Fitzsimmons Phenomenon Rises Again

Anybody who has followed abortion practice closely knows that when abortion rights activists find out about somebody like uber-seedy abortionist Kermit Gosnell, they go into Full Monkey Mode:
You see, if seedy abortion practices were actually addressed, that might limit "access." The fact that the "access" is to heartbreak, injury, and sometimes even death doesn't seem to matter as long as the devastation is achieved via an abortion. I've dubbed this attitude The Compton-Carr Effect, after its most eloquent proponent, Florida abortion activist Janis Compton-Carr. When confronted with the realty of Dadeland, an abortion facility that was luring women in with false advertising, selling abortions to women who weren't actually pregnant, operating in filthy conditions, sending women home with retained fetal parts, and even killing a woman, Ms. Compton Carr's response was this:
"In my gut, I am completely aghast at what goes on at that place. But I staunchly oppose anything that would correct this situation in law."
There is, however, something abortion rights activists do that's even more disgusting than the Compton-Carr Effect. I've dubbed it the Fitzsimmons Phenomenon, after its creator, Ron Fitzsimmons, head of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers. You might not have heard of him, but he's had a powerful impact on how abortion activists work behind the scenes to protect the interests of abortion practitioners. In 1993, Fitzsimmons was named one of the top 50 "Hired Guns" on Capitol Hill by Washingtonian magazine. It's Ron Fitzsimmons, you see, who originally masterminded the strategy of ignoring the horrors going on inside abortion mills while protecting abortion businesses by arranging political attacks on the people who were stealing their customers: prolife pregnancy centers.

The Progressive sang Fitzsimmons praises for this: 

And he's produced some stellar results. For example, he organized a hearing on phony abortion clinics that were advertising in the Yellow Pages, and found a teenage girl to testify that she'd been lured into such a place and terrorized with gory films. He arranged for her to tell Congress her story on a slow news day.
Yes, we all know that it's not nice to suddenly shove nasty fetus pictures in front of a woman. And the people running the pregnancy centers are aware of that. If any of them are still doing the nasty fetus-photos, I'd like to know so I can bitch-slap them. The new approach is to offer to show her an ultrasound of her unborn baby -- something that's actually an effective, non-invasive treatment for the distress that is common in early pregnancy. The pregnancy centers also continue to offer the services that are at their core: help addressing the situation that is driving the woman toward abortion in the first place.

I think that given the choice between improving her circumstances or returning to those circumstances scraped-out and bleeding, many women would choose the former. The fact that some who just prefer their current circumstances and want a dead fetus are outraged that somebody dare offer them some other option can't change that.

Usually the Fitzsimmons Phenomenon plays itself out during lulls in the news cycle. But three friends of abortion have decided to trot out the tired old trick at what struck me as a spectacularly inappropriate time. In the wake of the Kermit Gosnell trial, the uncovering of deplorable conditions at a Planned Parenthood in Delaware, and the tales of horrifying atrocities committed by Douglas Karpen is actually probably a brilliant time to go full Fitzsimmons. If you can't cover up what's happening, draw attention away from it.

And you know their media lapdogs will take off running.

Disgusting? Yes. Deplorable? Yes. Dispicable? Yes. Predictable? Yes.

Effective? Sadly, the answer to that is probably yes.

But let's not go down without a fight. You can contact these friends of Big Abortion and let them know that you see through their bit of legislative legerdemain. I'm providing their phone numbers and email addresses. Their names link to their FaceBook pages.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY)
Phone: 212-987-5516
email: carolyn@carolynmaloney.com

Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ)
Phone: 202-224-4744
email: through contact form

Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ)
Phone: 202-224-3224
email: contact@lautenbergfornj.com

We might not be able to get them to care about women, but we can let them see that they're not fooling us.

You can also contact your own Congresscritter and Senators. If you want to do even more, you can contact the responsible people who are trying to address the ghoulish abortionists who are the ones truly preying on vulnerable women:

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT)
Phone: 202-224-5444
email:  mike_lee@lee.senate.gov

Rep. Stephen Fincher (R-TN)
Phone:  202-225-4714
email:  through web contact form, constituents only

Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA)
Phone: 202-225-5431
email:  through web contact form, constituents only

Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI)
Phone: 202-225-3761
email: through web contact form, constituents only

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA)
Phone: 202-224-4254
email: info@toomeyforsenate.com

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