Sunday, May 05, 2013

Should Relinquishment Be Required Part of Informed Consent?

If I recall correctly, Tiller's old mill in Wichita informed patients that they (the patients) would be responsible for the medical expenses should the baby be born alive. I think this was just a ploy to make sure the patient got herself to the clinic, not the hospital, if she went into labor. But would the woman necessarily be responsible? What if she relinquished?

If abortions are being done at nor near viability, ought not these issues be made clear with the patient beforehand? Will the patient be financially responsible if she relinquishes custody? Should the facility be required to carry insurance that will cover NICU expenses for surviving babies? Should the state end up picking up the tab for care of a baby that would not have needed care if not for the decision to proceed with a late abortion?

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