Saturday, June 01, 2013

Blog Roundup June 1, 2013

The political theater in El Salvador has ended as doctors prepare to decide when the best time is to perform the c-section that life advocates had been advocating for all along to protect the ailing mother's life without deliberately killing her baby. The fact that they are not proceeding immediately underscores the fact that there was no immediate threat to her life. Abortion advocates, who are still trying to leverage the case into limiting protection to babies in countries that reject abortion, are still somehow claiming a victory in that Beatriz has "won the right to end her pregnancy." Nobody was opposed, however, to ending the pregnancy. Both Beatriz and her baby will get the best of care in spite of abortion advocates' efforts to "end the pregnancy" by outright killing her unborn child.

Canadian abortion crusader Henry Morgentaler has died at the age of 90.  Morgentaler (pictured) spent his entire professional life perpetrating and promoting abortion in Canada. As abortion practitioners and zealots age, they are dying unrepentant in increasing numbers. Let Morgentaler's death be a reminder to pray that they might turn away from serving the case of death before their own deaths.

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life Global Outreach and National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund were able to present a decades-long research project to the 66th annual World Health Assembly, pointing out that abortion increased health risks to women and advocating for improved medical care to reduce maternal mortality.

Abortion enthusiasts have sicced the FBI and the New York Attorney General on EMC (Expectant Mother Care) pregnancy centers in New York. The claims are that EMC is "practicing medicine without a license" -- even though no one is practicing medicine and the ultrasounds -- unlike those done in many abortion clinics throughout the country -- are done by licensed ultrasonographers. Abortion advocates are also up in arms that EMC doesn't announce to clients that they don't do or refer for abortions. That they are attacking pregnancy centers -- rather than investigating dangerous abortion mills -- demonstrates the degree to which it is abortion practice, and not women's well-being, that these zealots are protecting.

Abortion advocates are pitching a fit over a new fleet of mobile pregnancy help centers that are set to do outreach in areas where abortion minded women are likely to be found such as shopping malls and college campuses. If the abortion lobby hates it, it's effective in helping vulnerable women and thus cuts into the client base of abortion facilities.

The tightening of abortion laws in many Mexican states has abortion advocates up in arms.These laws allow for prosecution of the women who abort their own babies. This raises the question of what, if any, penalties women should face in the US if they kill their unborn children once legal protection is again in place. One strange aspect of the abortion agitators' outrage in Mexico is that women who get hold of Misoprostol to cause an abortion can hemorrhage and will hesitate to go to a hospital for fear of prosecution. This is strange because international abortion proponents want to distribute Misoprostol to pregnant women in countries that lack the medical facilities to treat the bleeding they fear will kill women in Mexico. Which is it? Is Misoprostal safe to hand out to women who won't get treatment for hemorrhage, or is it dangerous?

There also need to be stiff penalties for people who are complicit in providing Misoprostal for abortions. We will likely need to enact such laws in the United States, since women are already beginning to get Misoprostal through abortion-advocacy networks. We also need to consider how to balance holding women accountable for killing their unborn children with ensuring that they get proper medical care should they suffer life-threatening complications. Immunity for turning state's evidence against the abortion ring is the best idea. After all, the woman is guilty of only a one-time crime, but the people proving the drugs are conspirators in multiple cases of murder.

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