Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Fatuous Tweet: "Prochoice Professionals" First to Report Deadly Abortion Quackery

I really only started to engage on Twitter during the #Gosnell hashtag blitz, but I admit it's addictive. And one encounters utterly staggering examples of ... I'll be charitable and assume it's just deluded thinking and not deliberate deception. Some of these tweets just boggle the mind.

This one little exchange is clipped from ... I can't call it a discussion because no actual information is being exchanged ... back-and-forth regarding the Beatriz political theater. Jodi Jacobson, prochoice of course, remains angry that prolifers managed to save a woman's life without killing the baby, and insists that the prolifers simply didn't care if Beatriz lived or died. I pointed out that we got what we'd been aiming for: a live mother and a not-slain baby, and Jodi persisted in her "Choice is about Women's Lives" theme. I challenged her:

What makes Jodi Jacobson's response even more fatuous than the statement would be on its own is the fact that it's a response to my link to "Call it the Compton-Carr Effect," a blog post citing examples of "prochoice professionals" who not only were not "the first to report these criminals," but who instead covered up, fought to block action to shut the quacks down, and sometimes even started legal defense funds for abortionists who kill patients with quackery, as they did when their hero Bruce Steir injured then abandoned Sharon Hamplton and the clinic staff loaded her into a wheelchair and literally shoved her out the door to bleed to death.

I doubt that Ms. Jacobson even followed the link, because to do so would, well, blow her entire worldview.

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