Monday, June 24, 2013

Let's Keep the "ExposeCPC" Tweetfest Going!

The thing that drives  me most crazy about the abortion-rights obsession with bashing CPCs is that they ignore quackery that kills women and rend their garments over prolifers who annoy them.

At the end of this post will be a boatload of tweets to post and remind them that their priorities are way off:  Of course, you can always go to my Twitter page, scroll down, and retweet!

Their responses will be:
  1. "So? Lots of people die from malpractice!" Respond w/ "What excuse is that for #prochoice movement tolerating deadly #abortion quackery?"
  2. "CPC does, X, Y, or Z!" Ask for source. On the off chance they actually provide one (They usually just block you if you keep insisting.), check it out and critique accordingly.
  3. "How does giving out diapers prevent abortion injury?" Respond with:  By preventing #abortion! Keep her away from quack, safe from quackery! 
If you challenge them often enough, they'll block your responses so they can tweet their lies unmolested. You can copy and cut down the tweet & give short response, as in this example:
sez " curious if secular argument against abortion." "Pick on someone Ur own size."
 I think we need to start a #ProchoicePriorities or #ExposeQuackery fest!

I'll start you out with this one I found on FaceBook that's too good not to share:

No woman or child has ever died inside a crisis pregnancy center. #ExposeCPC

A few variations that can be tweeted with that graphic:
 quackery kills women,  are all "" Priorities?

"Safe & legal" is a lie. It's not safe when women die. ? Expose  quackery!

Even if every claim by  was true, who gets hurt?  KILLS women!

Here's women killed by . How many killed by CPCs? ? Expose QUACKERY!

 fight efforts 2 stop  quackery, obsess w/. Priorities?

Here's another I've made free with:
CPC's provide free pregnancy tests. Many also provide ultrasound services free #exposeCPC because #PP doesn't want you to see an ultrasound!
I took a pro-abortion one and flipped it:
#ExposeCPC? #Prochoice want #abortion w/No Medical Oversight, Accountability, or Regulation of Procedures!
And here are mine:
starts abortion on ambivalent patient, refused help when changed her mind, baby died. ?!

clinic multiple serious patient injuries, Y no concern in lobby? 2Busy w/!

Women sent home after w/rotting fetus in her womb. call 4 , ignore quackery!

Inappropriate sexual behavior toward patients; do , ignore REAL abuse.

Dangerous conditions at clinic, patient death. Prochoice ploy 2divert attention from quackery.

Dangerous conditions at clinic, too busy w/ to care.

clinic no informed consent, no ACLS. ""!?? Expose deadly quacks!

 Multiple violations at clinic, "?" Y not "ExposeQuackery?"

Fetal remains bubble up from clinic sewer line. too busy bashing CPCs to care.

Multiple violations inc. failure 2do health exam before . ""? Y not "ExposeQuackery"?

  excuse for tolerating quackery? "Other doctors do it too!" Is that an excuse for killing patients?

rips up patient's uterus, she bleeds to death. 2busy bashing CPCs to care.

continue to evade issue of their tolerance of deadly quackery, make excuses. Care about women?

can't produce a single ad in which CPCs falsely claim to be medical clinics.

 Horrible quackery kills patient. ignore, go after CPCs instead. ? Priorities?

  inspector sees filth,doesn't report.He starts @ NAF clinic. But NAF is all over

  don't call 2expose deadly quackery. ? Priorities, people!

nurse: " I gauge, and sometimes lie a little, weaseling around..." No outrage.

PP duz on abuse victims, returns them 4 more abuse. Y is this OK w/?

  pt. shoved out door 2bleed2death. No call, "ExposeQuacks." Y ?

Untrained duz anesthesia, dead pt. Y no call "Expose quackery"? 

quackery kills patient. Y "," not "Expose quackery"?

National Fed. only expelled clinic that employed AFTER story broke. Kept silent4years!

 National Federation knew Brigham's clinics dangerous. No call for "Expose quackery." 2Busy w/

 I'll believe rights is about women's safety when they stop making excuses 4 fatal quackery. ?

Extensive hx of blocking attempts 2 clean up dangerous mills where women die.

Hemorrhaging pt. abandoned, literally shoved out door2die. start defense fund4killer.

National Federation fatally injures 2 teens in 1 hour. busy attacking CPCs.

National Federation clinic kills 3 women. Multiple safety violations. 2Busy w/ 3Care.

National Federation chain kills at least 16 pts.,no preventability studies. response

Women deserve better than referral 2National Federation dens of death! No outrage! #ExposeCPC?

 National Federation member lets receptionist give anesthesia; pt. dies. busy w/

 "The Butcher of Avenue A" wus National Federation member. demand CPC? Priorities?

 National Federation promises safety, delivers quackery, death. call 2 ! Priorities?

doc sez he has "license to lie." med students call him "hero," "role model." ?

Happy tweeting!

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