Sunday, June 16, 2013

Help Producers of Gosnell Documentary Expose the Truth

If you haven't seen 3801 Lancaster yet, here it is, a powerful short documentary about the horrors at Kermit Gosnell's squalid Philadelphia abortion mill:

The producers have continued to put out amazing videos. This short piece with the mother and grandmother of one of the babies whose severed feet Gosnell saved is a gut-wrencher:

And listen to this Pennsylvania state Representative Margo Davidson describe how her cousin Semika Shaw's death at Gosnell's clinic devastated her family, and the institutional denial that allowed Gosnell to operate his dangerous practice:

All of this amazing video is being made available to you free of charge.

Now that the trial is over, the producers have a chance to interview the members of law enforcement who were part of the raid and the investigation. You can help them to expose the truth of what happens when prochoice groups, politicians, and bureaucrats are trusted to oversee abortion. Help them to finance the production of the next segment of 3801 Lancaster by going to their website and clicking on the donation link. Show the film to friends and ask them to chip in just a dollar or two and then make a donation on behalf of the group. Even if you can only muster $5 or $10, you can help to expose what we already know: that just because the authorities have been notified and have "investigated" and found no problem doesn't mean that there is no problem. It can just mean that the abortion lobby has a lot of power. People expect the abortion lobby to be indifferent to the babies' lives. Let's expose the degree to which their indifferent even to the women's lives.

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