Saturday, August 22, 2020

August 22: When the Information is Scanty or False

According to the Homicide in Chicago Interactive Database, on August 22, 1929, 34-year-old Marjorie Johnson died in her home from complications of a criminal abortion performed that day. The guilty party was never identified or apprehended.

According to abortion-rights sourcesPauline Shirley died on August 22, 1940 from a criminal abortion. Actually, she died on August 23 from effects of a miscarriage. I'll blog about it tomorrow.

"April" is one of the women mentioned in medical journal articles about the first years of legal abortion in New York. April was 17 years old when she underwent a saline abortion in New York City on August 20, 1971. The next day she was admitted to the hospital. She was in shock, with a high fever. She was treated there until her death on August 22. 

Carol C. was 21 years old when she underwent an abortion in the late summer of 1986. On August 22, she shut herself up in her garage at her home in Albuquerque, and started her car. She died from breathing the exhaust fumes. Her body was discovered on August 25, 1986. Life Dynamics cites her death certificate as their source.

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