Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Blog Roundup

Nathan has a lively debate going about informed consent for abortion. I tossed in my own two cents.

Snoop Zone looks at the racial element in abortion. I made a post pointing out the disproportionate deaths among Black women. A Black woman is twice as likely to be sold an abortion as a white woman, and once she's on the table she's twice as likely to die.

Don't Get Stuck on Stupid offers to abolish capital punishment in exchange for abolition of abortion. Think there'll be any takers?

Lunacy East is a bit creeped out over the idea of an abortion scheduled for Christmas Eve. She wants to know about abortions scheduled for holidays, birthdays, etc, and is the date chosen or it is just that's when the scheduling fell. I mentioned Sylvia Moore, who was shoved out the door in a wheelchair after her New Years Eve abortion, and who bled to death as a result.

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