Monday, December 19, 2005

Sen. Boxer wants abortionist's license yanked!

In a rare move, abortion-enthusiast Barbara Boxer is calling for an abortionist's medical license to be suspended! Read the full story at Operation Rescue's blog!

My notes on Reich indicate that he worked at Nicholas Braemer’s Clinica Medica para la Mujer de Hoy. He was charged with 28 criminal acts in 1982, including sexual abuse and battery of female patients, prescribing drugs without a license, falsely representing himself as an MD, when he is a DO, and attempting to intimidate witnesses. He pleaded no contest in 1984 to two counts of battery and two of misrepresentation. In 1994, he completed a 10-year medical board probation for a botched abortion.

Reich plea bargained in June of 1984, no contest to two counts of battery and two counts of misrepresenting himself in exchange for dropping other charges. He was fined $3200.

OR's blog entry contains a plethora of information about Reich and his associates, with links.

Cheers to Boxer for standing up for women! Though of course it's not clear at this point that Boxer even realizes that Reich is an abortionist. Would that change her mind about wanting him put out of practice, I wonder?

I sent Sen. Boxer an email praising her for her action, and I did a write-up of Reich's situation here.

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