Friday, December 30, 2005

Blog roundup

mynameisraquel posts: "So, here I am...crying for absolutely no reason at all. You just know how you want things to be one way so bad, but it's impossible? It's literally impossible. I'll admit that wasn't the way I wanted to end things. .... Yeah, I'm pregnant, but it's not a big deal. I'm getting an abortion in a few weeks. It was just a mistake. " Pregnancy is stressful even when it's planned and wanted; pregnancy when you're convinced you need to abort is worse. I told her she's not crying for no reason. Prayers needed.

Dissonance and Disrespect notes that EU doctors are now required to participate in abortions. Who would have thought that the fall of the Berlin Wall would lead to Western Europe turning totalitarian like this!

i_love-my-ocd mentions three chemical abortion patients that are home killing their embryos and risking sepsis over the New Years weekend. Only of course she doesn't use those words. She says that her "three non-surgical patients are off and ready to start their at home miscarriages." Denial. It's not just a river in Egypt.

Prayers needed for a woman in Canada who's been taken to a shelter to escape an abusive husband threatening to beat her into a miscarriage if she doesn't have an abortion. Thank God, she's being helped by people who don't buy into the idea just aborting her and returning her to her abuser is an answer! But prayers needed for her continued needs.

Peter's Minions Page looks at how Spain's abortion advocates sneaked abortion-on-demand under the guise of just being kind to "hard case" women: "This is a perfect demonstration of the pro-abortion forces using exceptional cases to mask their true intent. If you believe abortion is justifiable, then be strong enough in your convictions to defend it. Don't hide behind exceptional cases and play on people's emotions to hide your true objective. It is a tragedy that innocent children die as a result of such deception." Amen.

New York State argues that "Choose Life" license plates are so "patently offensive" that they could lead to road rage! How enamored are New Yorkers of abortion that the very idea that a some women might choose not to abort would lead to violence?


Anonymous said...

"New York State argues that 'Choose Life' license plates are so 'patently offensive' that they could lead to road rage!"

What's the problem? Why don't the pro-deathers get "Choose Death" plates?


Christina Dunigan said...

As if abortion advocacy bumper stickers, which basically say, "Go screw yourself if you have a problem with people killing babies, you Bible-thumping bigot!" aren't argumentative?

But "Choose life?" Oh! Them's fighting words!