Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Planned Parenthood Association of Central and Northern Arizona

In keeping with my project of digging through my notes for Planned Parenthood badness, here's what I have on Planned Parenthood Association of Central and Northern Arizona:

Prolifers report that a 17-year old girl sued over two abortions PP did on her when she was 13 and being abused by her 23-year-old foster brother. They cite The Associated Press September 2, 2001.

A suit by patient R.M., age 18, alleged that she underwent an abortion by Arnold Singer on October 5, 1984 at Planned Parenthood. Approximately four hours after returning home, R.M. expelled a dead 12-week fetus into her undergarments. She faulted PP with lack of informed consent. Dr. Ann Speckhard, a psychologist of Arlington, Virginia, testified that R.M. sustained severe emotional trauma as a result of the incident. Dr. Cleery, a psychiatrist of Texas, certified that R.M. required one year of intensive care and then continuing psychotherapy for the rest of her life. Planned Parenthood's defense lawyer contended that Planned Parenthood did offer counseling to R.M. after the incident. After a verdict was announced for the defense, Gloria Feldt, then executive director of PP in Phoenix, was quoted as saying "I personally feel very sorry that [R.M.] was sucked into the vendetta the Right-to Life organization has against Planned Parenthood. I feel she was kind of used in this." R.M. may be Lidia Roe #15, below. (Sources include Arizona Republic, Maricopa County Superior Court Case No. C584005)

A former employee alleged, regarding Lidia Roe #14, that a staff abortionist perforated the patient's uterus during an abortion that should never have been done in the first place because they patient actually had an ectopic pregnancy. The patient required major surgery. (From letter from Martha Jo Billy to Personnel Board 12-18-84)

The same former employee alleged, regarding Lidia Roe #15, age 17, that after her abortion, she expelled a 12-week fetus at home. This Lidia Roe may be R.M., above. (Letter from Martha Jo Billy to Personnel Board 12-18-84)

Former employee Martha Jo Billy, who worked at PP 7.5 years, wrote to the Personnel Board December 19, 1984 alleging that Arnold Singer was hired to do abortions August 1, 1984. Although clinic protocol called for a 6 month probationary period, Medical Director Hank Schoenek left town shortly thereafter, leaving a non-medical person to oversee Singer and be contacted with patient medical problems. Ms. Billy reported a "200% turnover in staff in the abortion clinic in less than six months. To be realistic, how much training ... could the staff have been receiving: in fact, there were complaints by the patients and one volunteer took the time to write about her concern over the demoralization of the Phoenix Clinic." Billy also wrote that "twilight sleep is being used although not in the protocol" and that "patients have been given Methergine pre-operatively rather than post-operatively by non-medical staff." She also stated that abortions had been done up to 16 weeks, although the protocol cutoff is 12 weeks.

Ms. Billy also said, "Planned Parenthood of Central and Northern has collected money from Title X eligible patients for several years despite the fact the agency receives around $600,000 annually to provide free services to these patients. This has been brought up repeatedly at supervisor meetings. .... PPCNA had collected Title X money for non-patients at the Globe Center who came for Childbirth Education Classes. Title X is designated for family planning services."

Ms. Billy further alleged that the Arizona Board of Medical Examiners "specified Nurse Practitioners were to give out all prescription medications with exception of birth control pills. This has been done only in two centers." She also said that physical exams were not done for new staff.

Ms. Billy noted, "Multiple complaints have been received about three of the current practitioners. .... Family Planning Assistants sell or have sold the wrong pills and/or medications. One that I am aware of received a 10% merit raise twice in a row. There has never been a pharmacy audit despite the fact that the vast amount of pills and medications are handled only by non-medical personnel." Silly said that several practitioners and a pharmacist complained of inability to reach Schoeneck (the medical director) to address patient problems. She also reported violation of E.E.O. regulations.

Ms. Billy also said that on September 24, 1994, "the Tempe Center registered 339 people to vote during a contraceptive clinic" even though the regulations regarding federal funding forbade this sort of activity.

Ms. Billy wrote, "Both full time physicians with Planned Parenthood were hired with pending suits and/or history of malpractice suit." She noted that medical director Hank Schoeneck inserted an IUD in a patient who was 12 weeks pregnant; the patient attempted to continue the pregnancy.

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