Saturday, December 10, 2005

Web Roundup - Unconcious Violinist and a Third Way

The Amazing Kim resurrects The Unconscious Violinist.

"There is no reason why government cannot do more to educate and inform and provide assistance so that the choice guaranteed under our Constitution either does not ever have to be exercised or only in very rare circumstances." -- Hillary Rodham Clinton, quoted in the Pasadena Star-News. The opinion piece continues: "Abortion is, indeed, a sad and tragic choice for many, and that's the way we ought to talk about it - not as a continuum between extremes of 'choice' or 'murder,' but as an endpoint of last resort that we want to work strenuously against. .... Politically motivated or not, Hillary Clinton's shift parallels that of a growing number of Americans who have become less comfortable with abortion and who seek a way out that doesn't criminalize women." If only it can be so! (HT: Hilderbeast)

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