Monday, March 01, 2010

Abortion halted, baby born healthy, near term

Dramatic Vegas Abortion-Reversal Results in Healthy Birth

The late-term abortion – which takes between two to three days – was just underway when two pro-life crisis pregnancy counselors at First Choice clinic in Las Vegas were able to reach out to Jamie and convince her that she still had a window of opportunity to stop the death of her child. The pair was Executive Director Pam Caylor and neighbor and ultrasonographer Maria Cortopasso

After a dramatic five and a half hours, an Emergency Room doctor was finally able to remove all the laminaria sticks the abortionist had inserted into Jamie’s cervix for dilation and induced labor.

Despite the doctor’s fear that Jamie had a high chance of miscarrying, she gave birth fifteen weeks later to her baby Claire Stout, who was several weeks premature but healthy, weighing 5 pounds, 2 ounces and 18.5 inches tall.

Other moms haven't been so fortunate. Nicolette C went to Douglas Karpen's Houston abortion facility for a late abortion. After the laminaria were put in, she felt the baby move and changed her mind. Karpen not only refused to remove them, but lied to Nicolette and told her that it was impossible to remove them without endangering her life. After repeated scare tactics, Karpen finally sent Nicolette on her way with instructions to find an anti-abortion group in the Yellow Pages. Nicolette sought emergency care at a hospital, where she delivered a 1 lb. 13 oz. infant girl, who she named Ashley. Despite efforts by hospital staff, Ashley died six months later.

I listened to a tape of Karpen complaining at a National Abortion Federation meeting about how the prolifers were annoying him by offering to take his patients to a doctor who would remove the laminaria and allow them to continue their pregnancies. He complained about the patients he was losing that way. He asked for suggestions -- all of which centered around making the patient sign a paper promising that she would follow through with the abortion no matter what. (Many abortionists, by the way, do what Tiller used to do. They perform a lethal injection on the fetus during the first visit so that the woman can't change her mind.) Nobody ever addressed the obvious: If a chat with a stranger on the sidewalk is enough to change a patient's mind even after the abortion is started, maybe the clinic should stop initiating abortions on women who are so uncertain.

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