Sunday, March 21, 2010

Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day!

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Today, March 21, is World Down Syndrome Day

Down Syndrome International (DSI) has officially earmarked 21 March as World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD). The date was chosen to signify the uniqueness of Down syndrome in the triplication (trisomy) of the 21st chromosome and is used synonymously with Down syndrome. Commemoration of World Down Syndrome Day started on 21 March 2006, it has " grown " manifold globally.

The annual observance of WDSD aims to promote awareness and understanding of Down syndrome and related issues : and to mobilise support and recognition of the dignity, rights and well being of persons with Down syndrome.

We definitely need more public awareness. Right now, societal fear and loathing of people with Down Syndrome is so severe that the prenatal War on Down Syndrome has at least 13 times the level of "collateral damage" as combat bombing missions.

Down Syndrome Brochure provides information, plus a beautiful 4-color brochure in both English and Spanish.

The site also includes a reminder that there are currently over 200 families waiting to adopt a child with Down syndrome. Feeling overwhelmed with the prospect of meeting the special needs of a child with DS need not put a woman on the abortion table. She can place her child in a home that is ready to welcome him or her with open arms, fully prepared for all the special joys and challenges associated with DS.

This is also a good time to remind you that Band of Angels puts out beautiful Celebrate! packages for parents who have just been told their child, born or in the womb, has Down syndrome. You can choose from three different packets at different prices.

Band of Angels also produces a beautiful coffee table book, Common Threads, available in hard or soft cover. (I recommend the hard cover! This book is too beautiful to go for anything but the very best!) If you run any sort of a business that has a waiting room, leaving this book for customers to explore will go a long way toward reducing the misconceptions and prejudice.

I buy my calendars from the Down Syndrome Association of Houston. They are absolutely beautiful and I get many positive comments about the cute kids and gorgeous pictures.

People with Down Syndrome are not a threat. They are a vital part of our world. You can go here for a list of notable people with Down Syndrome, including actor Chris Burke

Read here about Haile King Rubie, an artist with Down Syndrome. Sujeet Desai is a musician. Bernadette Resha is an artist who designs and sells t-shirts and other merchandise.

Let's celebrate diversity and enrich our own lives by embracing our brothers and sisters with DS!

There are some beautiful products available at Cafe Press:
*Down syndrome isn't scary - it's just different
*We are all Different. We are all Beautiful.
*Gently Enhanced
*My child took me to Holland... (The reference is from this.)
*Want to come to Holland with me?
*It's okay to be different
and my personal favorite:
*Love does not count chromosomes.

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