Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Onion: Government to save billions

U.S. Government To Save Billions By Cutting Wasteful Senator Program:

Established in 1789 as a means of overseeing the passage of bills into law, the once-promising senator program has reportedly failed to contribute to the governing of the nation in any significant way since 1964. Last year alone, approximately $450 billion was funneled into the legislative chamber, an amount deemed fiscally unsound considering how few citizens actually benefit in any way from its existence.


OperationCounterstrike said...

A post for April 1

Terrorist Scott Roeder has been sentenced to the "hard 50"--life in prison, with no parole until after he has served 50 years. (At which point he will be 102 years old.)


The owners of the blog operationcounterstrike.blogspot.com will pay:

--$500.00 worth of cigarettes (whichever brand you prefer), to whoever rapes Roeder anally,

--$1,000.00 worth of cigarettes, to whoever rapes him AND infects him with HIV/AIDS,

--$2,000.00 worth of cigarettes, to whoever kills him if he is killed quickly,

--$4,000.00 worth of cigarettes, to whoever kills him if it is done slowly and painfully.


army_wife said...

Gee, how classy, OC!

Tonal Bliss said...

You're an intensely sick and demented person, OC. Wishing those things even on your worst enemy is pure evil.