Monday, March 01, 2010

Philly butcher Kermit Gosnell defends his quackery

HT: SuzyB

Despite the filth, the dead patients, the lawsuits, the fact that he was so bad that they immediately yanked his license, Gosnell insists that he's a paragon of medicine. And this defense of his wrongdoing is frightening: "If you're not making mistakes you're not really attempting to do something."

Who wants to have a doctor perform surgery on them with a "Let's push the envelope here!" attitude?

The good news is that the more he insists that he did nothing wrong, the deeper he's burying himself. Medical boards go easy on doctors who own up to their shortcomings and express a willingness to take corrective action. Gosnell's glib and repeated insistence that he's a medical paragon will cement in their minds that he's a dangerous man, with no concept of his own limitations.

There's a good reason his lawyer wants him to keep his mouth shut. I for one hope he keeps yammering away.

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