Sunday, March 21, 2010

World Down Syndrome Day Blog Roundup

  • 3-21 World Down Syndrome Day, which includes a sidebar link to Sharing Our Blessings, which provides a free book to parents who have just learned that their child has Down Syndrome.

  • This Good Life celebrates her little boy, who has DS. It's a beautiful post and very encouraging for parents who has recently gotten the news that their child has DS.

  • The Life & Times of Aidan & Alayna offers the perspective of a mom who is also a teacher.

  • Sunflower Stories expresses pain -- not about having a child with DS, but about the hurtful, hateful things people say and do.

  • A Leader's View blogs about opening a small business with their adult daughter, who has DS.

  • Room for More looks at common myths about Down Syndrome.

  • Learning as I Go addresses how we can help overcome the financial obstacles standing between kids with DS and the loving families that want to adopt them. (Learn more here.)

  • Bill and Ria share a beautiful poem.

  • Hannah's Shenanigans lists 10 things you can do to support people with DS.
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