Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Allegheny Co. coroner flooded with calls about fetuses

An old friend emailed me a link to this article:

Allegheny County coroner flooded with calls on fetuses

The remains of hundreds of fetuses -- some of whom might have been born live before expiring -- were found in a garage in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, just south of Pittsburgh. The fetuses came from Magee Women's Hospital, where the fatal abortion had been performed on Marla Cardamone.

Magee had contracted with a funeral director to cremate the fetuses. Since news of the discovery came out, the Allegheny County Coroner's office has been flooded with calls from women who had been treated at Magee, wanting to know if their unborn children were among the remains. The coroner's office plans to contact the families of miscarried fetuses, but indicated that they will probably not contact the mothers of fetuses who died from induced abortions. The coroner's office is also investigating whether or not any of the abortions were done illegally.

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