Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Going down slowly

Those of us who are veteran prolifers long to see the abortion lobby go down in screaming flames. But for decades, we've seen them get away not just with killing but also with blatant lies and slander. All these years, the mainstream media never so much as batted an eyelid. Now suddenly, twice, we've seen the abortion lobby's feet held to the fire. First, Barbara Boxer and her stooges were held accountable for clearly absurd claims about illegal abortion deaths. Now, NARAL is being blasted for bearing false witness against Supreme Court nominee Roberts.

As I watch the abortion lobby writhe under a gentle but relentless onslaught that's surely blog-driven, I'm reminded of something my dad once said. He said that the slowest, most excrutiatingly boring way to die would be "to be pecked to death by ducks."

Well, my little duckies, maybe this is how the abortion lobby will go out. Let's keep pecking.

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