Saturday, August 27, 2005

Teen rape victim: "I'm the mother of Angelina Jolie's baby."

An 18-year old Ethiopian girl, Mentewab Dawit, has told Britain's The Sun that she is the mother of the little girl Jolie adopted.

Mentewab discovered that she was pregnant four months after a brutal rape. Family and friends urged her to abort, but she carried to term and named the child Setota, which means "gift." She struggled to provide for her daughter but due to poverty feared that her child would die, so she decided to make an adoption plan.

On the one hand, it's terribly tragic that poverty has forced this young woman to part with her child. On the other hand, it's wonderful that the little girl has such a good chance for a bright future.

Prayers for all involved. And I have the sneaking suspicion that if Mentewab is confirmed to be the baby's mother, Jolie will reach out to her in some way. God bless them all.

By the way, isn't Mentewab absolutely lovely?


Unknown said...

its little hard to believe this story...
what was the reaction of Angelina Jolie..did she spoke anything about this.. i would like to know more on i am a big fan of her..
anyway its good for the child,even though i feel sorry for Mentewab Dawit.. i am sure that the child will be happy at least for now...


Knox Leon

Christina Dunigan said...

I dunno, Lewis. I just saw the article, found it interesting, and decided to share it.