Sunday, August 28, 2005

Class-action lawsuit in China

From C-POL:
Since March, the farmers said, local authorities had been raiding the homes of families with two children and demanding at least one parent be sterilized. Women pregnant with a third child were forced to have abortions. And if people tried to hide, the officials jailed their relatives and neighbors, beating them and holding them hostage until the fugitives turned themselves in.


For weeks, Chen has been collecting testimony about the population-control abuses .... Now he is preparing an unlikely challenge to the crackdown: a class-action lawsuit.

You go, Chen! He, and the people he's working with, need all the support and prayers they can get.

By the way, can anybody satisfactorily explain (without making assumptions, please!) why it is that all the outrage I've seen over China's forced-abortion and forced-sterilization program comes from prolifers? If it's all about "choice," why aren't NOW, NARAL, PP, etc., up in arms about this? Why is this a prolife issue rather than a common ground issue?

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