Monday, August 29, 2005

Interesting reflection from a former German soldier

Christianity Today has an excellent article about German theologian Jurgen Moltmann. Moltmann became a Christian while a prisoner of war in allied POW camps.

Aside from the faith issues discussed in the article, something in Moltmann's experience really struck me as relevant to abortion:
When Hitler's empire imploded, exposing the moral rot at the center of the Third Reich, Moltmann saw how other German prisoners "collapsed inwardly, how they gave up all hope, sickening for the lack of it, some of them dying." As he learned the truth about the Nazis, Moltmann felt an inconsolable grief about life, "weighed down by the somber burden of a guilt which could never be paid off."
I wonder, when the abortion house of cards collapses, what the result will be on the moral of all the people who thought that they were defending something worthwhile. If it collapses too quickly, will there be some sort of devastating sociological fallout from so many people being hit with so much guilt so suddenly?

And, more to the point, will the Christians be ready to reach out to these brothers and sisters in need?

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