Saturday, September 10, 2005

Barcelona mill greases the "mental health" wheels

Evidently taking a page from Wichita's late-term abortionist George Tiller, Spain's late-term abortion mill is assuring potential referrers that it can find a "mental health" justification for any woman they bring for a late abortion. They're also evidently paying kickbacks for referrals:
The clinic offers to pay British women's travel expenses and even make discounts on the price of the terminations.

It is also offering financial commissions to British pregnancy advice helplines in return for them referring women to the Continent.


The law in Spain states that pregnancies over 22 weeks can only be terminated if the mother's mental or physical health is at "serious risk". Dr Leonardo Llorente, who is one of the abortionists working at Mediterrània Mèdica, told an undercover reporter that despite the stipulations of Spanish abortion law his clinic would never refuse a six-month pregnant woman a termination since "probably all women wanting to get an abortion at this stage will be psychologically affected".

He added: "Always it can be proved that the patient at this moment had serious mental problems even though later on the patients can be completely normal." Asked whether this meant that the woman could be given an abortion "whatever the situation", he answered: "Definitely."


Asked whether a commission would be forthcoming for a helpline forwarding British women to the clinic he said: "I think we can arrange that for sure."

He later directed the reporter to another member of staff who also confirmed that commissions were paid.

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