Monday, September 19, 2005

Blog Roundup -- Graphic images, poetry, teens

LTI Blog posts this reflection on when it's appropriate to use graphic images to reach the abortion-minded woman. This is a great piece! Read it!

Feeding on that which doth preserve the Ill posted an odd pro-abortion poem. Why is it that prolife poetry is so sappy, like those Precious Moments figurines, and prochoice poetry is so raw and semi-articulate, like gangsta rap?

Initiative Madness has thoughtful comments on California's Proposition 73, promoting parental involvement in teens' abortion decisions. Take a moment to review Why Teens Need Help With Decision-Making, and Parental Involvement in Abortion.

On a totally unrelated local note, I want to take a moment to caution people to have only very cautious dealings with Jeff Minana of Johnstown, PA.

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