Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Blog roundup: PP publicity, the death penalty, etc.

Freakonomics has an interesting thread going, Planned Parenthood Gets Freaky. As if PP isn't freaky to begin with. At any rate, one PP is trying to discourage a prolife presence by having donors pledge money to PP proportionate to the number of protesters outside. Hey, guys! It's been tried before and it failed miserably, mainly because the pittance given to PP in these publicity stunt fund-raisers is a drop in the bucket of all the money PP gets from the government and big-money donors. If some deluded sap thinks giving a dime to PP every time I show up to protest will get me to stay home, he's welcome to throw his money at them. He's harming his own pocket (and soul), and not doing me or anybody else any more harm than he does by being a PP dupe in the first place.

Ravin posted some thoughts on abortion. I've invited her to join us at RealChoice and After Abortion.

Fast Times at Kanakuk High ponders, How about this can you be anti-abortion and pro death penalty. She or he doesn't have comments enabled, so I'll give a short, sweet answer here: When you show me an armed, aggressive fetus who's committed murder, I'll discuss the parallels between abortion and capital punishment.

LTI Blog says, Actions Speak Louder and ponders why women still have abortions even when they say they know it kills a baby.

Gindy posts the Chinese Abortion Headline of the Day: "China admits forced abortions, sterilisations in eastern province". I'm really going to have to peruse this blog. The names of the previous posts are certainly provocative.

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