Friday, September 16, 2005

A lot of sad anniversaries

The first is a criminal abortion death. Helen Clark, age 23, died September 16, 1941. The abortionist, Sarah Howe, age 57, had been blind since she was three years old. She was charged in Sarah's death. Howe was convicted of abortion, but was found not guilty of manslaughter. She was sentenced to two to four years in prison.

But you don't need a blind criminal abortionist to end up dead.

Alerte Desanges, age 36, had been informed that her fetus was deformed, so she went for an abortion at Choices Women's Medical Center in Queens on September 16, 1994. She was 19 weeks pregnant. The abortion was performed by David Gluck. Staff said that after her abortion she suddenly went into cardiac arrest and died. Gluck's license had been revoked for three years after selling controlled substances to finance his gambling addiction. Gluck had also been Medical Director at C.R.A.S.H. when abortion patient "K.B." died.

Shelby A. Moran, age 39, was given Prostaglandin for an abortion at Illinois Masonic Medical Center in January of 1978. Immediately after the injection, Shelby experienced grossly elevated blood pressure. The abortionist, Dr. John J. Barton, thought that the elevation would be transient, and left the facility. Half an hour later, Shelby went into cardiopulmonary arrest. She suffered brain damage due to lack of oxygen, causing dementia and speech aphasia. Shelby was no longer able to care for herself, much less her five children. She required 24-hour care in a nursing home until her death on September 16, 1999.

Gracealynn "Tammy" Harris, age 19, underwent an abortion by Dr. Mohammad Imran at Delaware Women's Health Organization on September 16, 1997. She was 18 weeks pregnant. After the procedure, Tammy was weak, and needed a wheelchair to leave the facility. She died that day. A lawsuit resulted in $2,252,000 to Tammy's family. The money was put into a court-controlled account for Tammy's son, who was nine months old when his mother died.

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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